Lavanderia Self Service

in provincia di Genova

Lavanderia Genova Campetto

Vico Campetto, 8
16123 Genova

Lavanderia Genova

via Barrili, 19R
16143 genova

Lavanderia Recco

Via Roma, 150
16036 Recco

Lavanderia Genova

Via del Commercio, 22/R
16165 Genova (Nervi)

Lavanderia Genova (Sturla)

Via dell'Ombra, 34/36
16132 Genova

Vuoi aprire una lavanderia a Genova?

Con il team di Bloomest, aprire una lavanderia e raggiungere fin da subito ottimi risultati imprenditoriali è semplicissimo. Thanks to the services provided by this company, today you can realize the dream even a Genova and in so many areas of the country.
By joining the Lavapiù Club, you can ask a city advisor for:

- make a personalized quote without any commitment,
- help you find the right place in the most strategic area of Genova,
- address the organization of the steps necessary to renovate the interiors,
- provide you with professional machines signed by the Miele brand,
- manage the installation phases of the machinery and the realization of the plants,
- give you the right directions to better manage and promote your business over time.

Over 500 Italian entrepreneurs have already started a successful laundry in many cities in Italy. And what are you waiting for?

Vuoi aprire una lavanderia nella tua città?

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